Swinging Bridge is Quite a Ride!

This is the second time we visited Kootenai Falls, near Troy, MT.  The first time was in our RV on our way to Glacier National Park.  This time, we drove over just to see the falls.

The falls themselves are not all that exciting, as waterfalls go, although beautiful in their own right.  To get to the Kootenai River from the road, you have a short hike, including a tall bridge over the railroad.  At a fork, you can go right to the falls, or left to the Swinging Bridge.  Having not gone to the bridge last time, we took that path.  It was actually a longer hike than we realized, and somewhat dangerous for me in my relic state, not having good eyesight and not having good balance.  But I made it both ways without killing myself.

My wife actually went all the way across the bridge.  There was a line we had to go through because it is a popular spot.  On the other side is a sandy beach, and there were people enjoying it.  The roar of the rapids in both directions – upstream and downstream – was quite evident.

Me?  Not so much.  I have a queazy stomach, and a little fear of heights.  This bridge REALLY SWINGS.  I got maybe ⅓ of the way across, and that was about it.  I took a few photos, and went back!

Heck, my stomach flips watching a movie when they show a view from a helicopter as it flies past the roof of a skyscraper…  I break out in a sweat when I think of my DJI Phantom flying (somehow, I find myself – in my mind’s eye – flying alongside).  Oh, well.  I did get some good photos!

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