Anniversary Cruise Sunset

Recently, it was my 46th wedding anniversary.  In a conversation with a friend about his inability to attend a meeting, he mentioned that he was going on a cruise on Lake Pend Oreille, the beautiful lake on which Sandpoint, ID sits.  I had no idea there were cruises on the lake!

Later that day, I asked my wife if she had any ideas for what to do to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  She suggested a cruise.  WOW!  I actually knew there were cruises!  Thank you, Jesus!  (Saved again!)

I searched the internet (FYI, I use Yahoo, not Google), and found Lake Pend Oreille Cruises.  They offer a list of different cruises, but I noted that they had a dinner/sunset cruise, which I immediately booked.  While they only do this on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it turns out that our anniversary was on a Tuesday.

The cruise was very nice.  We almost missed it, because it was so smokey from all the British Columbia fires, but discovered if we did not show up, we still paid.  So we went anyway.  Good choice!  Food was very good, views were good (smoke did not play a big part as we went along close to shore to view eagles).

The killer moments came when we were heading back to Sandpoint, and the sun was setting.  And, I had my new RX100M3 camera.  I was still learning how to use it effectively, as it responds differently to scenes from my Sony NEX-5N.

The thing that blew my mind was the fact that – pointing directly at the sun – the image on the LCD looked just like what I saw in real life!  WOW!  I am not sure what the NEX-5N would do, but I know the Canon 10D and 20D would not capture that scene very well at all.  Nor my iPhone.  But the RX100 did!  With no fiddling around, making adjustments, nothing!  I was in A mode (Aperture Priority), and was not thinking about camera settings all that much… 🙂

No doubt I will share some more images from that evening.  Rest assured, we had a wonderful celebration of our 46th anniversary!

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