Toward an accurate weather station

One of the hobbies I have is electronics.  Well, after all, I was an electronics/computer engineer for most of my life, including a wonderful stint at Apple Computer (as it was known in those days).  I was a system architect at Apple, with the responsibility of architecting systems comprising both hardware and software.

I thought I had left that all behind, until I discovered Arduino.  This is a system originally designed for children that has become quite popular for hobbyists.  Arduino comes in many forms – the photo shows an Arduino Uno R3 board, with a micro-controller, USB and a bunch of I/O connections that you can program.

In this experiment, I put together a 2-line 16 character display and a temperature/humidity sensor.  I knew that the sensor was less than accurate, but I wanted to see this work.  As you can see, it is only a few wires and code that is provided as part of the kit.  The one I bought, for $34.95 from Amazon, is the Elegoo UNO Project Super Starter Kit with Tutorial for Arduino (  It has a lot of goodies for not much $.

My ultimate goal is to build an accurate weather station.  This will require an accurate sensor, a radio system (one station will be outdoors), and a display (for indoors).  I will blog more on this in the future.

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