Free Speech?

Google.  Now the censor.  And I always thought censorship was anti-freedom.  Isn’t that what you were taught?  So what happened between high school and now?  Why is it now “ok” to censor?  What ever happened to the concept of free speech?  How many articles or posts in Facebook now lack a “share” link because of Facebook censorship?

The answer, my friend, is not blowing in the wind.  The answer is leftism.  They once used “free speech” as a wedge to break open and despoil.  Now that they have accomplished the reworking of the American culture, it’s time to shut up those that oppose them.

For me, that means NO MORE GOOGLE.  NO MORE FACEBOOK.  NO MORE TWITTER. NO MORE YOUTUBE.  The censors are there at all of these organizations.  Hypocrites, all.

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