The Consequences of Leftism, Socialism & Feminism

Sweden:  the rape capital of the world

This ugly story reveals much of where this small, liberal, feminist, socialist, leftist country is going, and how it got there.

Sweden – a country from which my ancestors came – was frequently presented as the perfect example of how socialism was supposed to work.  It was a socialistic paradise (unlike Cuba).  Leftism’s shining example.  Feminism was Queen in Sweden.  It was such a wonderful success story.  Or was it?

What they didn’t tell you was the reduction of humanity, the loss of heart, the total self-centered nature of the populace as the leftist dogma expressed itself fully.

The Church of Sweden became a religious joke.  Godlessness abounded.  But the reports were all positive.  This goes to the bias of the reporters, who are only looking for proof that their belief system is right.  They did not dig deeper:  they did not want to know the truth.  After all, they would tell you that there is no truth, only personal, relative truth based on their beliefs.  Objectivity is impossible, they would claim, and objective truth does not exist.

But now, now, the truth is slowly being revealed.  The result of total secularism and leftism is beginning to become apparent – even in the secular and leftist media.

This story will tear your heart out if you still have any moral foundation left.  It shows how very far the west – specifically Europe – has fallen away from God and moral living.  The consequences are horrid and disgusting.

And lest I forget to mention, the true nature of Islam is clearly shown by what is going on in Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, and other EU countries that have subscribed to the leftist immigration dogma.

Warning, America.  It is already happening here in many Moslem dominated areas of our country.

Source: Sweden: Nobody helped woman raped by 20 Muslim migrants — neighbors have “learned not to see or hear too much”

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