Star Parker Exposed Democrat Racism

WASHINGTON – Pro-life activist Star Parker believes the Democratic congressman who berated her before a congressional hearing, accusing her of being “ignorant” and “unable” to deal with Congress, became outraged and impugned her because she exposed the Democratic Party’s oppression of “the most distressed” communities. Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., charged Wednesday that Parker, founder and president […]

Star Parker – definitely NOT ignorant, and certainly unwilling to treat the leftist Democrat congressman the way he is used to being treated – which is to pander to his delusional belief system.  Rather, Ms. Parker is involved in creating solutions for the disadvantaged aka inner city black communities that she serves.  And she is willing to speak “truth to power.”

Here is a very important quote from the article:

Seventy-nine percent of Planned Parenthood’s surgical abortion clinics are located within walking distance of black or Hispanic neighborhoods, according to the 2010 census.

When you put that together with Margaret Sanger’s beliefs that black people need to be eliminated because they are not fully human, than you will understand that Planned Parenthood – the organization she started for exactly that purpose (eugenics) – is actually a racist organization, fully supported by a racist party, the Democrat party.  They were totally FOR slavery, and they continue to be FOR anything that disadvantages the black community.  Even the so-called welfare state created by President Johnson is for that purpose (dependence).  Johnson explained that it was the ultimate mechanism for subduing the black man.  You can read about Johnson’s racism here.

More from Star Parker’s testimony before Congress:

“Abortion is the leading cause of death in the black community today. Since Roe v. Wade was legalized, 20 million humans have been killed inside of the womb of black women and then on Halloween, Planned Parenthood tweets out that black women are safest if they abort their child rather than bring it to term.”

Truly, that is a horrifying statistic.  But we only hear about “police shootings” in the press – supporting the Democrat misdirection.  All the while, they support the real killer of the black race in America.

But you have to give the Democrat Party credit.  They have controlled the propaganda successfully, getting the black community to believe that Democrats are their friends, and its the evil Republicans that are against them.

This is similar to Marxist rewriting of history.  There is no surprise there, as most Democrats today are closet communists.  Read the article below:

Source: ‘Ignorant’ black, pro-life woman fires back at House Dem

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