Truth or Deception? You Decide…

You are all familiar with the term “Allah Akbar” and maybe the related “Allahu Akbar” phrase.  Lately, we have heard a lot about this phrase.  Various publications and media outlets have made statements indicating that this phrase has been “hijacked” by terrorists – I suppose just like they also (supposedly) have “hijacked” the “religion of peace.”  This is an attempt to separate the “religion” of Islam from the “actions” of Islamic believers.

Linda Sarsour has – naturally – spoken up, and claimed it is simply a prayer that every Moslem uses.  The New York Times claims it means “God  is Great.”  What could be wrong with that?

Well, two things:

  • While westerners might like to believe that Allah = God in a generic sense, i.e., that Allah is simply referring to “God” and thus must refer to the one God that both Jews, Christians and Moslems worship.  This is of course a great deception.  Allah is a specific god.  It – or “he” – is NOT Yahweh, is NOT Jesus, to a Moslem.  To a Moslem, Yahweh and Jesus are false gods.  But for the purposes of taking over the world, Moslems allow this misdirect to exist – at least until it is no longer needed.
  • The phrase, properly translated, is Allah is Greater.  Greater than what, you might ask?  Your God, of course.  It is a supremacist cry, a war cry, as well as a prayer.  By killing the infidel and calling out this phrase, they are making a bold statement.  In effect, the reason they are able to kill you is because their god is greater than your god.  This is why – historically – Islam, as well as Christianity – repurposed temples of the vanquished gods, or built on the same land of a destroyed temple, to make the same statement: Our God is Stronger than Your God.

Take note:  every Moslem knows what this phrase means, what  it REALLY means, and they repeat it numerous times a day, along with condemnations of Jews and Christians, which is also part of their 5 times daily prayer.  This SHOULD tell you something about the intent of Islam.  If you can think for yourself, that is.

But it is clearly dangerous for you to know this, so wipe it out of your mind, as if you never heard it.  Because if you continue to retain it, you are an islamophobe.  Probably responsible for that hated “Moslem backlash” we keep hearing about (but never seeing).  Well, OK, except in cases where Moslems are reporting non-existing events, or creating them for political  purposes.

Here is a video that explains the historical context in some detail.  The actual source of the phrase (NOT Mohammad, but  a LATER prophet – which cannot exist according to Islam, but is clearly written in their own texts), and how it was used, and what the intention was – to strike fear into the hearts of the infidels.

Source: Allahu Akbar! Muhammad’s War Cry

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