Really? Banning Islam? An Entire Country? WOW!

One country has finally made a move that many have been thinking of. Angola has rules that Islam isn’t a religion, but a sect. Because of this, it was not legalized by the Ministry of Justice, who additionally decided to close and eventually destroy all 80 Mosques in the country. The mainstream media immediately reported this, calling […]

This is truly amazing news!  Angola, of all places, banning Islam because “Islam is “contradictory to the customs of Angola culture,” so it’s impossible for it to exist in the Christian nation” according to Culture Minister  Rosa Cruz e Silva.

What the Culture Minister says is correct, of course.  And, the progressive/liberal elite so-called mainstream media is up in arms, ‘reported this, calling Angola’s actions “horrifying”, “shocking” and “disgraceful”.’  Of course they are.  After all, Islam is the “religion of peace” – unlike Christianity, which we all know, is a horrific, hateful religion that has murdered thousands of innocent Moslems….  You know, in the crusades…

I will not attempt to unwrap that rewriting of history, and certainly will not mention the over 390 million murdered, raped, and enslaved by Islam over the centuries.  Oops.  I just did.  Nor will I dare to mention the REASON for the crusades…

But really!  Banning Islam in an entire country!  Maybe I should move to Angola!  Who could have imagined that sanity would prevail in – of all places – Africa?  Certainly it is not prevailing in the USA or EU.  Or Australia or New Zealand, for that matter.  And certainly not Canada.  There, insanity reigns supreme, along with deep delusion about so many things that were once held dear.

I hope this is merely the FIRST in a series of DOMINOS to fall.  But I will not hold my breath.

Source: Muslims FURIOUS As “First Country To Ban Islam” Does THIS To Over 80 Mosques – UConservative

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