Who is the real fascist?

When Law is Not Blindfolded…

Ever since the election of Trump as President of the United States, we have heard incessant claims that he is a Fascist, he stole the election, yada yada yada…

Recently, the entire “Russian” Fake News story has been turned upside down, and exposed as a DNC/Hillary plot, with zero real content.  Millions, perhaps billions of dollars have been wasted chasing that ghost, and now, the spotlight is on Hillary and the DNC, and oh how quiet the MSM has suddenly become…  No shrinking for blood now, is there?

Now we learn that the DOJ under Obama was funneling billions to far-left groups – essentially a slush fund created by the DOJ.  And, the IRS indeed did punish right wing groups and any group that had words like “Tea Party” or “Christian” or “Patriot” and other similar so-called “right-wing” terms in their names or in their statement of purpose.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter is all about the Fascism of the Trump Administration.  But who is the real Fascist?

That would be Obama and his leftist supporters, including Antifa (oh the irony), and Hillary.  But note you will hear very little about this in the Mainstream Media.  Because illegal acts against our constitution are just FINE if they are done for leftist causes (because leftism is totally against our constitution).

The silent hypocrisy is deafening.

Source: How the IRS undermined America as a nation of laws | MelaniePhillips.com

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