Tufa Sunset Display

Tufas at Mono Lake were formed when the lake was much deeper – well over the top of the 16 to 20 foot tufa structures you see here.  Carbon dioxide and other gasses bubbling up from the lake bed caused a build up of the material over many years.  As the lake drained (feeding Los Angeles) the tufa structures were revealed.  Unfortunately, they are now “saving” the lake by increasing the water level, thus covering over these photogenic structures from the public.  What a shame!

The late sunset is brilliantly reflected from the local plant life, making a wonderful contrast against the dark blue water.  Getting that same effect back for you to enjoy took a special and wonderful tool:  Luminar by Macphun Software.  Captured in 2000 on KODAK GOLD Super 200 Gen 4 film, this image was created with five portrait images stitched together in Photoshop, and then post-processed in Luminar.

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