Tufa Shadow and Light

Sunset is a magical time at Mono Lake in Eastern California, along route 395, and near Lee Vining.  Unfortunately, they have been adding water to the lake now for a number of years, so some of these features, shot in 2000, are no longer visible – a great loss in my opinion.

The stark contrast of brilliant color of late golden sunset light on various bushes around the tufa structure – which is about 16 feet high – contrasts against the blue sky and lake and the dark shadow in the foreground.  Getting this beautiful contrast to come to life as I remember seeing it took some careful work with a magnificent tool:  Luminar by Macphun Software. I tried doing this before with Photoshop – impossible!  At least for me, a fairly advanced Photoshop user – after many hours of trying.  Thank you, Macphun!

This image was captured using KODAK GOLD Super 200 Gen 4 in my Canon Elan camera, and consists of three portrait shots stitched together in Photoshop.

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