The Source of Modernity: If Only They Could See

Melanie Phillips is one of my favorite bloggers.  She has an extremely sharp mind, and is very perceptive.  I appreciate that very much.

The article (see link below) on the source of Modernity is a classic example, and a topic dear to my heart.  And that is, the easily provable fact, the essential fact, the foundational fact – that science, which is ultimately the source of much of modern civilization – is only possible in a world where Judaism and Christianity are primary.  I cannot say it better than Melanie, but I can add my thoughts.

There have always been discoveries under every world view.  However, only under Christianity and its source, Judaism via the Old Testament, did science blossom and flower.  It actually began in monasteries around 900 AD.

The so-called “enlightenment” was actually the opposite.  Those poor sods thought they could free themselves from the shackles of “religion” aka believing in God, and thus be free to truly embrace reason and truth.

And you can see the result clearly today.  Our society careens into oblivion as we ignore every form of evil and every enemy under the totally illogic and unreason of “multiculturalism.”

The other day, I saw an “esteemed” senator from the People’s Republic of California tell a potential judge that her beliefs as a Christian could not be allowed to influence her decisions, and thus she could not be a federal judge.  As if.  As if secularists are pure in every way and never, ever allow their beliefs to influence their actions in public office.  Sure.  How insane and deluded can you get, Mrs. Feinstein?  Your own belief system – hatred and disgust toward Christians – is clearly demonstrated by your irrational statements.

Our world today – which prides itself on being “scientific” and “rational” is completely the opposite, because they fail totally to realize that rational thinking and science itself is based on the very world view they have rejected and hate.

This is why pseudo-science has become so popular, such as Global Warming aka Climate Change (just as one example).  No longer is science by evidence and actual facts, it is by consensus and based on models – models that do not actually work or represent reality.  But who cares?  As long as you can get enough people to agree that the political lie is true, and you can get opposition evidence and scientists who present it discredited and prevented from being published or funded, then you win the day.  Do these idiots actually believe they can force reality to adhear to their belief system?

Yes, they do.  Communists and socialists are excellent examples of this phenomenon.  No matter how many times communism is tried, or socialism is tried, no matter how often it fails, or leads to the death of millions, the true believers are totally convinced that it is merely a bad example, and if they could do it right, it would bring nirvana.   Or utopia.

The untopian thinking of all of these illogical and unreasoning systems is a key to understanding.  Rejecting God’s offer for utopia, heaven, and a complete and total forgiveness of all sin, an adoption of individuals into God’s family as sons and daughters, as living by the Spirit rather than by the flesh – this utopia, this free gift – is rejected and replaced by an unworkable and unreasoning system that defies reality at every point.  But the Bible is clear on this point:  man prefers darkness rather than light, so they can do their evil deeds (which they enjoy – implied).

Well, enough.  Read Melanie’s more researched view on the subject…

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