What Does Fort Hood Teach Us About Las Vegas?

Why massacres are more than a matter of numbers.

Why bring up Fort Hood now?  Are they connected in any way?  Perhaps.  The truth of what happened in Las Vegas still Iies hidden.  Certainly we know ISIS has claimed – multiple times – to be responsible, and we also know they announced months ago that the Las Vegas Strip was a key target of their group.  But that does not prove it was ISIS.  We also know there is a lot of evidence that points away from this being a “lone gunman” situation.  But the truth is still hidden.

Here is a quote from the article (link below), referring to the Fort Hood shooting:

Calling that murder spree “workplace violence” also prevented the victims from getting the medals they deserved and the medical treatment they needed. Soldier of Allah Nidal Hasan retained his rank of major, continued to get his full salary, and the army took care of his paralyzing injuries. On the other hand, the Army refused to cover operations and treatment for Hasan’s victim Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford, an African American.

Did you know this?  I did not.  Frankly, when I read this paragraph, I was shocked.  This is raw, unrepentant evil, horrific, terrible, shameful.  And yet, there were many actors in our government that not only sanctioned this, but pushed for this.

What does that tell you about our government?  Of course I am totally unsurprised by Obama’s involvement – he too is a soldier of Allah by his own confession.  And I know he has placed many Moslems in positions of power in our government, and was determined that our country turn toward Mohammad and away from Jesus Christ.

Obama was quite effective in that respect.  The hatred toward the victims of Fort Hood, and the kindness toward the murderer are unprecedented in US government history (as far as I know).  This does not speak well of any official pronouncement on “whodunnit” in Las Vegas.  As usual, I will have to depend on the alt-media, because the MSM aka Fake News Mainstream will only give me the narrative of which they agree.  One of the narratives of course is GUN CONTROL, as in the sign below:

The Left needs guns taken away to achieve their goal

Gun Control is always the first thing you hear when there is a terrorist attack using guns.  As the sign says, there were no similar “Truck Control!” Or “Airplane Control” screams from the Democrats or MSM when those instruments of death were used.  But you can always depend on the “Gun Control” and “Gun Confuscation” crowd to start screaming as soon as the dust settles.  Even though gun control has had NO EFFECT in France or the UK on steaming terror attacks… with guns.

There are some who believe the Las Vegas attack was a “false flag” attack by the “Deep State.”  Possible.  It could even be ISIS and Deep State working together, as they are in Syria and Europe.

But America.  Will it wake up?

Source: From Fort Hood to Las Vegas

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