The Jury is In

I like to see things in rock formations – similar to other people seeing things in the clouds.  This scene looks to me like a group of jurors sitting in judgement over something.  Not me.  I hope.  🙂

You can easily find many strange rock formations in Bryce Canyon when you hike along one of the many trails.  This is just one of them I decided to recover from my old PhotoCD’s and put up here.

This will probably also be the last one from that 1994 trip.  I will move on to another trip, and see what I can find in my over 10,000 images stored on PhotoCD’s.  I am so thankful that there is still a software package that will copy images from my PhotoCD’s to my computer!  This format used to be standard for Photoshop and the Mac OS, but it is so old and out of date (a mere 15 years!) that you have to track down a software package that knows how to open the files.  Wow.  Technology goes by fast.  Records.  Cassettes.  8-Track.  Even CD’s – they are also almost obsolete.  Certainly flip-phones, and land lines are obsolete!  And computer monitors, you know, the ones with the big tubes?  Gone.  All came and went in my lifetime.  That makes me pretty old!

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