Amazing Water-Formed Rock Formations

This particular image was shot on the road between Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion Canyon National Park.  The various rock colors is quite common in southern Utah, but here you only see a hint of the red rock that the area is so famous for.  Rather, you see some rich browns and whites, with a little red.

In the foreground are interesting formations of sandstone that was worn away by flowing water a long time ago.  Based on the appearance and arrangement, it is clear that this happened when the sand had not completely hardened into rock.

This image was taken in 1994 using Kodak Gold 400 film on a Canon SLR, captured digitally using a Kodak PhotoCD machine, and extracted back into the digital domain via pcdMagic, a Macintosh program.  It was then post-processed in Luminar.

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