Double Red from Down Canyon

Double Red Reflection in Bryce Canyon, 1994

The canyon looks quite different from below, walking the trails.  Rather than looking down on amazing formations a long way away, you are up close looking up.  The formations are much more amazing, as their true size is apparent, compared to you, the grasshopper.

The effect of doubly reflected sunlight – as we call it “Double Red” – is quite striking.  The sunlight hits the red rock, and is filtered.  In other words, what is reflected is mostly red, the color of the rock.  This reflected light – already red – now strikes rock that is not in the direct rays of the sun.  This light is then reflected again, but this time, the same filter is applied:  the “red rock” filter.  This doubles the red, and reduces other colors even more.  The result is what you see:  rocks that appear to be glowing with tremendous heat!  It is quite beautiful and stunning – especially the first time you see it!

This photo is from my film collection from 1994, saved on PhotoCD.  I was using Kodak Gold 100 film at the time with a Canon film camera.

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