Sand-Blasted Tree in Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon, 1994

If it wasn’t for Kodak PhotoCD technology (now totally outdated), these photos from 1994 would be totally lost.  I was very fortunate, working at Apple at the time in the Imaging Group, working on the next Apple digital cameras.  We had a PhotoCD machine in our labs, and I had free access to it to scan my film and convert to CD format.  A mere 6 megapixels, but I could not actually use the full-size version at the time, due to memory and processor limitations.  I used a 2 megapixel version!  Now, of course, I can handle the full size easily – in fact, regularly handle 20 megapixel singles, and stitch together 60 megapixel images.  The speed and size of memory, and the power of microprocessors has so advanced since 1994!

Of course the photo here is not full-size, but about ¼ size.

This tree was of interest to me because of the embedded sand from blowing sand that came off of the many sandstone rocks and formations during windstorms.  The background is typical Bryce, my favorite canyon of all time!

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