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This is the first in a series on Essential Oils.  I will be sharing my personal experience with these natural oils, as well as the experience of some close friends.  I will not be giving you any sales pitches based on propaganda or sales materials from any of the essential oil companies.  But I will of course tell you which one I use and why.

My saga begins back in 2013, when we sold our home in Nevada, hopped into our diesel pusher RV, and spent a year traveling around the west looking for a place to settle.  One of the first places we went to was Utah.  I LOVE UTAH!  I LOVE all the natural beauty:  Bryce Canyon (my personal favorite), Arches, Canyonlands, Capital Reef, Zion, Cedar Breaks, and more.  We stayed in the Provo area for 4 months.

During that time, my wife got interested in DoTerra, and we visited their office for a special offer they were making at the time, and bought some oils and a vaporizer, and got a free bottle of frankincense.  I LOVE frankincense!  That’s another story!

That was it for me.  My wife was using the oils, but – like many husbands – my position was “that’s nice, dear!”

About a year later, we settled in northern Idaho.  My new doctor checked me out, and decided I needed some hydrochlorothiazide to help reduce water in my ankles.  Having forgotten that this was tried some 25 years earlier – and aborted by the doctor quickly when he tested my blood and found it was damaging my kidneys – I agreed.  Unfortunately, the kidney test did not happen soon enough, and by the time it did, I had lost 75% kidney function, not to mention loss of electrical connection to my heart.  The first time, I has a right bundle block.  Now, I had a 3rd order heart block, and my heart was beating at a mere 30/min.  This was discovered when I went in for a lithotripsy to zap a kidney stone.  The nurse asked me “Why are you awake?”  Instead, I had a pacemaker implanted.  Never did have the lithotripsy…

The result of this was severe.  Chemical depression (higher levels of waste products in my blood that was not being taken out fast enough).  No energy.  No interest in life.  Basically, I was a zombie.  I sat around most of the day, slept a lot, read some, not much else.  To my wife, I had essentially left.

I was still taking potassium citrate every day to suppress kidney stones.  I took it with juice, but one day, I ran out.  My wife suggested I try putting some Lemon Oil in water with the citrate.  Naturally, knowing absolutely nothing about essential oils, I assumed it would be very bitter, like lemons.  Nope.  Kinda sweet, actually. No acid content, it comes from the rind, not the fruit inside.

I did about 6 drops in a small glass, mixed in with the citrate, and discovered it damaged my plastic spoon!  YIKES!  So a metal spoon…  Anyway, it went down just fine.

BIG SURPRISE!  A few hours later, I started to feel a lot better!  I came out of my deep depression, I had more energy, and got interested in life again!  I was not sure what was going on, but the only “new” thing was the Lemon Oil.  I kept up using it for the next week – until the bottle ran out (I did not realize it was almost empty).  So, I quickly ordered another bottle.

It took 4 days – including a weekend – for the replacement to arrive.  By that time, I was back in my depression.  It arrived at 4:00 pm via UPS, so I took some with dinner.  At 4:00 AM I woke up and felt a whole lot better!

I was convinced!  It clearly was the source of my “feeling better.”  I have no idea exactly why – it does not seem to affect my blood tests in a positive way.  So I can’t explain it “medically” other than … it works!

This was merely my first foray into the amazing world of Essential Oils.  It was so powerful for me – literally made me alive again (my wife says “he’s back!”) that I got extremely interested in learning more.

I will tell you some more amazing stories in later blogs in this series.  I will give you a hint:  if you have back pain, muscle pain, skin problems, memory problems, skin cancer, and many other issues that older people (like me) get, Essential Oils will give you incredible relief quickly (no, not 30 – 45 minutes like typical OTC pain relief, but often in a mere 5 minutes!).  Stay tuned!

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