Promoting Violence Toward Women…

Haitham al-Haddad is a British Sharia Council judge, and sits on the board of advisors for the Islamic Sharia Council. Regarding the handling of domestic violence cases, he stated in an interview, “A man should not be questioned why he hit his wife, because this is something between them. Leave them alone. They can sort their matters among themselves.” (Image source: Channel 4 News video screenshot)

The photo says it all:  Islam is a “man’s” religion for the forced enslavement of women.  The comment by the judge that “they can sort it out” flies in the face of reality.  But then, reality is not what Islam cares about.  It cares about male sexual satisfaction and power over women.  That is the big attraction to Islam.  And, they promise what?  77 “black-eyed” virgins and little boys for your sexual pleasure in their “heaven?”

That is no heaven for women, now, is it?  They teach that hell is filled with women.  I think from a psychological point of view, you could truly say, Islamic men hate women.  They blame women for their evil.  “It’s her fault for not wearing a hijab” a rapist will say, “and not being a Moslem, I have a right to use her for my pleasure.”

Is this really REALLY what multiculturalism is all about?  Well, not how it was explained to me, when I lived in the “belly of the beast” (San Jose California, working for Apple).  But then the “theory” of multiculturalism and the practice also do not match – unreality there, too.  Just like the feminists who support sharia.  Isn’t it interesting how common it is to find people who believe in a seemingly beautiful theory, and yet they are totally blind to the actual practice?  So, propaganda works.

Keep in mind, you have been subjected to a very heavy dose of propaganda for most or all of your life.  Time to start thinking “outside the box” and discover the truth for yourself.

Source: Victimizing Women: Islamic Laws vs. Multiculturalism

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