Whatever happened to “Blind Justice”?

A federal judge has fined the Planned Parenthood undercover video journalist for publishing online footage of abortionists.

Blind Justice:  You know, the famous statue of a woman with a sword holding up a balance?

Blind Justice is based on a fair, unbiased application of law to a given situation, not colored by the personal beliefs of the judge and not biased by the judges opinions or the opinions of any other power group or political correctness.  When, exactly, did we lose that?

Judge Orrick’s order prohibited publication of undercover footage of the Planned Parenthood officials during the NAF trade shows on the basis that it could endanger the abortionists.

Based on that order, we can assume Judge Orrick would also rule in favor of not allowing the the police to say anything about any person or group, because it might endanger them.  You know, like a legal protest by a Neo-Nazi group?  We would not want the left to know the Neo-Nazis were protesting, because … you got it … it might endanger them.  You know, Antifa might show up and start beating people up with bats.  Oh, that’s right!  That’s what actually happened in Chattanooga, right?  Yeah, sure, the judge would insist that the scheduled protest not be advertised.  Sure.

Reminds me of the cases where several men break into a house to rob and who knows what else – even with guns – and the owner shoots them for self-protection.  Then – with judges like Orrick – the homeowner finds himself in jail, and in a lawsuit by the criminal’s family for “hurting” the criminal!  And the criminals?  Not in jail.  Yes, our justice system is just as rotten as the Deep State.

A federal judge who helped open and run a Planned Parenthood clinic is now holding David Daleiden and his attorneys in contempt just for trying to defend him with the same videos the Attorney General is using in his prosecution. Judge Orrick’s contempt sanctions are an unconscionable attack on his rights to defend himself in a court of law by a judge whose extrajudicial interest in Planned Parenthood’s success is well-established. [emphasis added]

And here we go again:  If Orrick was an honest judge with integrity, he would have recused himself, as he is certainly heavily biased in favor of Planned Parenthood.  Nope, these liberals will NOT do the right thing.  Just like Mueller – who is best buddies with the primary witness (which requires (not optional) that he recuse himself from the Trump witch hunt) will NOT recuse himself.  Nope.  Liberals will NOT do that.  But they will scream bloody murder if a conservative tried that (illegal) trick.  Hypocrites!  And no one – it would seem – will stand up and DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION and kick these illegal judges out of their jobs!  Both should be impeached, but the so-called “opposition” is actually feeding at the same trough.

I don’t know about you, but for me, I no longer trust our governments – neither federal, state, or local.  They have all been infused with the liberal ideology that is destroying what was once a great nation.  It’s not just about Trump anymore.  It is the whole stinking mess of liberalism aka progressivism aka Marxism.  They flock to power centers:  governments, media, academia, and anywhere else they can force their views on everyone else.

Source: Judge Fines Planned Parenthood Sting Journalist $200K for Contempt – Breitbart

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