Leftism Trumps Judaism?

Faced with left-wing aggression and bigotry, many American Jews display a high degree of cognitive dissonance. That’s because they think not as Jews, but as leftists – not least because they can’t discern the difference.

Certainly you have noticed, have you not?  So many American Jews are leading leftists?  They seem totally unaware of leftism’ hatred of everything Jewish.  Reminds me of the “death wish” of so many “elites” running around loving Islam, totally unaware of Islam’s hatred of everything they believe in.

Melanie Phillips is quite an astute writer, and this article (see link below) is no exception.  She has zeroed in on a significant issue:  Jules working against Israel and their own future.

Left-wing antisemitism is running at epidemic level. Demonization of Israel based on lies, double standards and a near-supernatural attribution of cosmic malevolence is the default position on the Left.

Liberal American Jews aren’t merely allowing their liberalism to supersede their Judaism. They are actively siding with the enemies of the Jewish people and the Western civilization built on Jewish values.

In her article, she explains the true facts of the violence in Chattanooga.  Yes, the new-Nazis are despicable in their beliefs, as are white supremacists.  However, they were there legally (you do know, do you not, that we DO have freedom of speech in this country… still?  Although the left is trying very hard to destroy it by calling anything that opposes them “hate speech” as a cover for controlled and oppressed speech).  They were peaceful.  They were attacked by Antifa with bats and other weapons.  The police stood back and ALLOWED THAT TO HAPPEN.  Because someone in authority told them to do that.  Against the law, yes, but that is a common theme today – the police are only there to protect the left.  It is in the midst of the attack by Antifa that the murder occurred via car ramming.  And, there is some evidence that they attacked the car, causing the driver to accelerate.

Of course, neo-Nazis and their ilk pose a danger to Jews and other minorities, but their numbers are tiny. The immeasurably greater danger comes from the far-left and the Islamists – and from the broad Left who ignore or sanitize what they do.

The BIG LIE is in the numbers.  We have the entire leftist establishment – both Democrat and RINO Republicans, the press, corporate CEO’s, and of course academia against a few thousand (for the ENTIRE COUNTRY) of these new-Nazi white supremacists. This entire leftist structure, also known as the Deep State, is fighting against Trump, freedom of speech, conservatives, and America itself.

But what he’s up against is a liberal establishment and its far-left shock troops (passively facilitated by spineless and resentful Republicans) who are using illegality, abuse of the constitution, contempt for democracy, defamatory lies and character assassination, obstructionism and violence, not just against Donald Trump but against America – and against reason itself.

It is truly horrifying to see Jews fighting on the side of their own destruction.  Just like so many EU politicians (and US ones also) fighting on the side of Islam  – for their own destruction.

Read more in her excellent article.

Source: On the wrong side of America’s culture war | MelaniePhillips.com

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