I love the west.  Both the USA west (Utah, Colorado, Arizona, etc.) and the Canadian west (BC).  The Rocky Mountains.  The Cascades.  The Sierra Nevadas.  Ah, what beauty!  The first time I got to visit the west, with some buddies from MIT way back in 1973, I was amazed by the wide open incredible beauty.  The Grand Canyon.  Bryce Canyon.  Crater Lake.  And on and on…  Going back to Boston was a drag – there was NOTHING worth taking a picture of in the east after being in the west!

So I am extremely happy for having worked for Apple.  That got me to live in the west.  Now, living in Idaho, I have seen much of the west, but of course not nearly “enough.”  And, some of Canada, since I live a mere 50 miles from the Canadian border.

This photo was taken along a forgotten highway of an unnamed lake.  It was such a beautiful scene we had to stop and gawk and of course click off a few.  I hope you enjoy the wonderful peaceful reflections as much I do!

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