UN lectures US to Not Allow Free Speech

(LifeZette) The U.N. issued an “early warning” Wednesday for the United States, urging that the government take immediate action to confront white supremacy following the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. But the warning and call for the U.S. government to act contained a little-noticed last paragraph, urging the U.S. to make sure that the “rights to freedom […]

The United Nations.  Like the League of Nations, it has completely lost its way, and it serves a negative purpose today.  What negative purpose?  The overthrow of Western Civilization and the support for Worldwide Caliphate.

The focus of all of their disgust and angst is… Israel and the USA.  Oh, that’s right:  the “Big” and “little” Satan!  Yup!  You got it.  These two “satan’s” are the only forces keeping Islam from taking out the entire world for a bloodbath like no other.  No, Russia cannot stop them, nor can China.  Both countries have little freedom, and thus, are easily twisted into an appropriate belief system (Islam).

It is truly important to understand where the idea of freedom (freedom of expression, assembly, and association) come from.  Yes, it is in the Constitution, but WHY?  Why did it finally show up about 250 years ago?  The source is the Christian world view, plus a good dose of religious persecution over slight differences in doctrine.  Big doses of kings and tyrants.  Even today, the majority of the world’s population does not enjoy freedom.  Before the Constitution, it was extremely rare – nonexistent for countries.

The leftist agenda is also the anti-christ agenda.  It is totally against freedom, totally aligned with slavery and totalitarianism.  The entire concept of freedom is about individual freedom.  Collectivism by definition is totally anti-freedom.  Supposedly, everything for the good of the whole.  However, it is NEVER the “whole” who decides what is good for anyone, it is the elite, as usual.  So really, collectivism is an unworkable theory that has failed over and over again, and will continue failing, no mater how hard the believers try to enforce it.  And enforce it they must – by murder, as it is totally against human (God-given) nature.

The UN has the NERVE to tell the USA to curtail freedom!  This is the same organization that constantly focuses on perceived human rights abuses from Israel and the West, and totally fails to mention the constant, growing horrors of Jihad terror, Islamic slavery, and barbaric practices.  This total focus on the best practices and totally ignoring the horrendous practices tells you the true story of the UN:  it is a hot bed of evil practitioners working to bring their evil to every nook and cranny in the entire world.

I have no use for the UN.  It should be KICKED OUT of NYC, 100% defunded, thrown on the trash heap of history along with all of the other utopian garbage, such as Nazism, Communism, Maoism, Marxism, Socialism, etc.

But no, it will continue to exist – like the League of Nations – until the next war makes it clear to the idiot politicians and elite that no longer has any use in the world.

Source: United Nations Urges US to Give Up Free Speech to Combat Racism – Liberty Headlines

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