‘Billionaire class’ leading U.S. down ‘utopian road to hell’

  It seemed like such a good idea at the time. When Hugo Chavez came to power in Venezuela in 1999, he wanted to make the Venezuelan people more equal. But the late president’s socialist policies ended up turning a modern, fairly wealthy country into a Third World wreck. Today the country is broke, with […]

It always starts with glorious promises, marches, rallies.  People waving flags, bands playing, all looking good!  Ah, Socialism!  Finally!  Equality!  Peace!  Easy Street!  After all, “from all according to their ability, to all according to their need” means I get what I want, right?

Oops.  Needs vs. Wants.  Who gets to decide what you need?

As the socialist dream unfolds, things being to go wrong.  The government is forced to “force” people to give what they own so it can be “equally distributed”…  that is, after the government skims off the top.  After all, the government officials have to eat, don’t they?

As more time goes on, those resisting having their goods and property taken have to be put in prison or killed, because they are preventing utopia from breaking out.

At one stage, people are starving, price controls are in effect.  The government is trying to force food and other necessities to be sold at a price below the cost of production.  Naturally, this cannot work, but don’t ever attempt to tell a socialist that:  it is beyond their comprehension that things should not just be available when they are needed.  After all, isn’t that the promise:  “to each according to their need?”  Oh, we forgot the first part.

But why would anyone give according to their ability, when the government decides what that means is… everything you own?  And everything you might produce?  And what do you get in return?  Whatever the government thinks your need is.  And, based on the other starving people rioting in the streets, that ain’t much.

Did you know that socialism was tried by the Puritans when they arrived in America?  They also were starving, until the governor re-established property ownership.  Once personal property was re-established, and people got to work their farms for themselves and their families, the colony thrived.

Need vs. Want.  Need:  the elite get to decide what you need, and it ain’t what you want (or need, for that matter, because they are not nearly as smart as they think).  You are always the best determiner of what you need.

Working for the system, where your input is greater than its output to you never works.  If is unfair:  any producer will feel that, know that.  Because he is essentially providing for the lazy, the do-nothings.  Thus, Socialism is against human nature.  This is why it never works.  Never has.  Never will.  NEVER.  It is a fool’s dream.

Utopia will come only in one way on this Earth, and that is by the arrival of Jesus Himself.

Read the article below about how the billionaires are now in the “smarter than rocks” category thinking they are smart enough to decide for everyone else who does what, get’s what, who lives, who dies.  Rich fools.  Believing an ancient lie:  utopia by man’s genius.

Source: ‘Billionaire class’ leading U.S. down ‘utopian road to hell’

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