Democrats Claim Politically Incorrect Speech is Treason

Seizing on the outrage at President Donald Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville, Va., Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) announced Thursday that he is introducing articles of impeachment against the president, saying Trump “has failed the presidential test of moral leadership.”

Look at Rep. Steve Cohen.  Does he appear out of his mind?  Insane?  Delusional?  No, he does not.  And yet, his position clearly is insane and delusional.  Let me explain why.

First, he wants to impeach the President because something he SAID.  Was Trump divulging classified information?  Was he leaking information damaging to US security?  No?  Oh, that’s right.  Even though that is – acording to written law – an felony worthy of prison time and even death, we now let that go one daily from the left and no one is penalized.  So I guess breaking the written law is OK now.  If you are a democrat, that is.

No, what Trump did was say something Mr. Cohen did not like.  Strongly disagreed with.  Hated.  Despised.  Of course Mr. Cohen despised and hated Trump before he made any comments about Charlottesville.  So maybe Mr. Cohen is primed to look for something – ANYTHING – that he can latch onto that he can write impeachment papers about.

But the Constitution DOES NOT provide a mechanism for impeaching the President for words spoken that are politically incorrect (according to democrats).  Oh, that’s right.  Democrats don’t believe in the Constitution anyway.  If they did, then Hillary and Podesta (and Obama) would be in jail now.

So to conclude point #1, no, sorry, you cannot impeach Trump because you disagree with what he said.  No matter how much you hate what he said.

Secondly, isn’t it interesting the total outrage of the left, that Trump DARED to mention the other side of the fight?  The image the left wants you to believe it is that there were a group of people – all of which were hateful KKK white supremacists – who started beating on poor, defenseless bystanders who were totally blameless.

Is that what happened?  No.  That narrative is a lie.  What you had was TWO sides.  One side had BLM and other violent leftists.  Both sides had non-violent people who believed – whatever they believed.  For example, some around the statue believed that Robert E. Lee was a badly misunderstood hero – and in fact, Lee did not believe in slavery (as an example).  That does not make those who supported keeping the statue “supremacists” or KKK members.  So Trump was correct in stating that not all were new-Nazi, and certainly not all the “other side” was BLM and other violent leftists.

But there WERE two sides.  And, someone told the police to step back and let them be.  Not keep them apart.  So naturally, there was violence.  Someone in high places WANTS a lot of violence:  they WANT to overthrow the US government.  And (Gee, can you believe it?) is ain’t Trump.  This is the same pattern you see now with riots.  Berkeley comes to mind in recent history.  Ferguson comes to mind.  “Just let them go and do their mayhem, don’t stop them” seems to be the order.

So what Trump said was 100% correct.  There WERE 2 sides, both sides had violent members, and both should be condemned.  But that is completely unacceptable to the left.  They cannot stand having any negative spotlight on their heinous violent activities to overthrow the US government.  So the screams of outrage continue from the media, academia, and the Deep State.  The coup ongoing continues.

And what about the man that rammed a car into the leftie group?  I have not seen much about that – makes me suspect they don’t want me to know.  I DID see the video of a man swinging a bat-like object at the rear of the man’s car, just before he stepped on the gas.  What really was going on there?  Will we ever be told the truth?  Or just more Fake News to overthrow the elected government of the USA?

Source: Democrat Introduces Articles of Impeachment Against Trump for Charlottesville Response

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