St. Mary’s Lake in Glacier National Park

On the eastern side of Glacier National Park are a number of beautiful lakes, with the Glacier peaks behind them.  One the easiest to get to is St. Mary’s Lake.  There is also a second St. Mary’s Lake, the “lower” lake.  This photo is actually of the “lower” lake, because the road runs along it.  The upper lake requires a hike, and when we were there, we did not have a lot of time for hiking.  This is due to the fact that we were camping on the west side of the park, in Columbia Falls.  It takes quite a while to drive the “Going to the Sun” highway between west and east park sides, so doing that in one day leaves you with not a lot of time on the east side.

Naturally, you get to see all the amazing beauty of the “Going to the Sun” Highway both in the morning and in late afternoon, which is quite a treat.  When we were there, unfortunately there were a lot of forest fires in British Columbia, so we sometimes had poor visibility, and other times it was pretty good.

This park – like Yellowstone and Grand Tetons – is well worth the trip!

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