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Susan Rice and fellow Democrats promote failed “strategic patience” doctrine in face of North Korean aggression.

Susan Rice.  The  same Susan Rice that revealed hidden identities for all (in the government) to see – for political purposes?  The same Susan Rice that used this very same foreign policy with North Korea which led to the current situation?  Really?  She has the utter nerve to promote her totally failed ideas in face of her own failure?

Leftists never learn.  You would have thought they would have noticed that their “strategic patience” failed with Hitler, it failed with Iran, it has failed with North Korea.  Not to mention Cuba, Venezuela.  Letting your enemies build up their strength while you play has never, ever worked.  In a world where ICBM technology and A-bombs are a reality, that is a recipe for destruction.

Oh, I  forgot.  That is exactly what the elite, globalist leftists wants:  the destruction of America. Duh.

Source: Appeasing North Korea | Frontpage Mag

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