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We visited Grand Canyon in June 1994, using our Viking pop-up tent trailer.  At that time, I was using Ektar 25 film under the mistaken impression that it was the highest resolution film...  Well, actually it WAS probably the highest resolution, but it also has a fairly limited dynamic range.  So lots of my images did not come out as well as they would have if I was using Royal Gold 100...  Also, the resolution of Royal Gold 100 actually exceeds almost any 35mm camera lens resolving power - even very expensive lenses!  This is why I started exclusively use Royal Gold 100 as my primary film (until Kodak stopped making it!  Then I bought a Canon 10D and no longer use any film...).  So, all the images on this page are Ektar 25.

The reduced dynamic range caused me trouble with my wide angle lens.  I was not using it properly - I had it set to be wide open (f/3.5), so there was a lot of drop-off on the edges.  Using new techniques in Photoshop, I have mostly reduced the effects, but it adds a lot of work to creating the final image.

Note that the views taken from Grand Canyon Airlines are now almost impossible to get.  The airlines have been prevented from flying over the Canyon to protect it from the noise(?).

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Sunset View Rim Trail View 1 Sunset East View 1 River View
Rim Trail View 2 Sunset West Sunset East View 2 Sunset from the Air

 Cactus Flower Rim Trail View 3 River Gorge View North Rim Sunset


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