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We have a wide selection of beautiful nature and panorama photography for you to enjoy on our site.  Feel free to browse.  Simply click on one of the photo categories above.  To be notified when we add new images to the site, sign up for our free email notification by clicking on the Email Sign-Up button above.  You can contact us by clicking on the Contact Us button above. 

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We have split up our photography into sections.  Each section has a button on the navigation bar.  There are more sections than will fit on a single navigation bar.  Therefore, you can switch between sections of the website by using the >> and << buttons.  These buttons will appear at the left and right ends of the main navigation bar at appropriate times for your convenience.

Fine Art Prints

We have recently introduced a new fine art photography website to sell our best work online.  The site also will be hosting other artists, and will continually have art added to existing galleries, and new galleries generated over time - so please check it out from time to time.  You can access my galleries at the following URL:

We also provide frame and mat service for our fine art.

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A radical new approach to video conferencing is now available to you!  It uses a completely different approach to handling multiple video sources.  Unlike other systems, we can handle HUNDREDS of attendees for online courses, where each of them can have a webcam and can address the group - under the complete control of the moderator/facilitator, of course!

No more headsets, echoes, feedback, people talking at the same time, dogs barking in the background, babies crying, etc. etc.  And no more overloaded internet connection or computer - you can even use many of the so-called netbooks for your end of the conference!

Also supports attendees with microphones only, or even with neither webcam or microphone!

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Business Opportunity

EduPlex Connect also provides an opportunity to get free conferencing or even make money by signing up your friends and associates!  Check out the Partner Rewards program!