Hiking in Bryce Canyon

Many folks drive to Bryce Canyon National Park, and drive to each of the overlooks.  Often, the photos they take are the typical tourist “here’s Mom standing in front of Bryce Canyon” types.  If they are lucky, they might actually get a small sliver of Bryce Canyon in the photo, but Mom will certainly be front and center.

Many fewer people are brave enough to take a hike along one of the many hiking trails, down into the canyon, along the edges of the canyon walls, and between the various locations where the overlooks are placed.  These people are treated to many wonderful sights!  And, some people are tired of pictures of mom blocking the scenery, so they just take photos of the scenery!  This is just one of many such scenes along just one of the trails in Bryce Canyon.

If you decide to take such a hike in Bryce, keep in mind the walk is long, the air hot and dry, so bring lots of water.  And film.  Ha ha!  Gotcha!  Yes, this was a film image, and I had to carry 5 or 6 boxes of film in my pocket… We are so spoiled today with our digital cameras.  We carry batteries in our pocket instead.

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