The Bridgegate

Seen from another perspective, this apparent bridge is actually a gate in a wall that looks like it was part of a castle.  I might process and upload that image so you can see what I mean…

This is just one of many fascinating rock formations you can see on your hike on the canyon floor in Bryce Canyon National Park.

Take lots of water with you!  And plenty of film!  Ha ha!  This was shot in 1994, and yes, I had to take lots of film!  We are so spoiled today with our digital cameras…!  That includes me, with my Sony RX100iii 20 MegaPixel and my Sony NEX5-N 16 MegaPixel cameras!  Their capability was beyond even imagining in 1994!  And so was the amazing image processing software I used to restore this image – Luminar from Macphun Software.  Once you begin to use that software, you will never go back!

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