Bryce Canyon Hiking Trail

Here you see one of many hiking trails in the canyon below.  From my perspective, this is not truly a canyon, more like cliffs.  But “Bryce Cliffs” does not cut it, right?  Anyway, of the many hiking trails, this being one, the best ones in my opinion are ones that go right into the many formations on the canyon “floor” below.  This particular hiking trail is mostly through trees, and the cliffs are in the distance.

The Original Image

This image was captured in 1994 on Kodak Gold 400 film using a Canon SLR, and scanned to a Kodak PhotoCD. I uploaded the image from the CD to my Mac using pcdMagic from Sandy McGuffog.   I post processed the image with Luminar from Macphun Software.  I did a minor touch-up in Adobe Photoshop,  which can do some operations faster and where it is easier to view the results real-time in those few cases.  However, 99% of the work was done in Luminar.  The original image had significant vignetting, film defects and scratches, and was quite dark, but had all of the necessary detail.  It is truly amazing what modern imaging software can do!  The original (small size) is shown here so you can see how much improvement is possible!

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