Internet Mind Control: Must See Video

Can Google really be “Nazi” or “Fascist”?  Or is that just right-wing hysteria?

A friend recently sent me a link to the Natural News website, where the above image was used.  On that page, a number of videos were provided (see links below).  The first video was the one that I think is a MUST SEE (link below).

His email was titled “More on the Google Monster.”  Wow.  Now that is a title!  We had been chatting over the past weeks about the abusive censorship Google has instituted for its search engine.  This video explores that in depth.  It also suggests alternatives for search engines.

Another area the video goes into is Facebook, and its abusive technique for deleting “fake” accounts.  During the French election, they deleted 30,000 “fake” French accounts.  What is a “fake” account?  One which supported La Pen for president.  That’s right.  They were real accounts that did not support the politically correct candidate.

And similar stories for here in the USA.

Back to Google.  I have been informed by WordPress that Google has “manipulated search results to prevent my criticism of them from being seen.”  Totalitarianism.  Suppression of alternate views.  Anti-freedom of speech – which, by the way, means anti-American.

The Bible warns that, in the last days, mankind will be deceived by a deep delusion.  How will this occur?  There are many ways for people to be deceived, but one very good way is to control everything they see and hear.  And, add to that a strong condemnation of any alternate view:  call it hate speech, for example.  Call it racism, call it islamophobia, call it homophobic, all of those nasty words the left likes to throw at anyone who disagrees with their marxist utopian views of how to rule mankind.

This control of what Americans heard and saw used to be easy:  simply control ABC, NBC, CBS, and NPR.  But then the internet ruined that.  Alternate media sprang up.  Google “do no evil” sprang up.  Other news sources abounded.  How to repair the horrific damage to the propaganda mind control machine?  Take control of the gatekeepers of the Internet, that’s how.  Give control to the UN, that’s how.

Who are the gate keepers?  Google is #1.  No longer “do no evil.”  Facebook is #2.  The top 10 list is probably all your favorites, including YouTube, which is owned by Google.  As are many other services they have purchased with the millions they have made on your personal information.

The video below is about 30 minutes long.  It is well worth the watch, it will blow your mind.  Have paper and pen ready to jot down websites and services you might want to check out.  I rate this video as a MUST SEE.

Watch the video:

The original article from Natural News, which contains several other videos, can be accessed with the link below:

Now I am really going to be dropped from Google Search!  Well, that is a price I must pay to stand up for truth and free speech.  Do you have the guts to do the same?


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