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Direct from the PreparednessAdvice blog, here’s a fine article that explains why so many people are not ready to meet disaster with successful preparation. It’s not so much as why you d…

Many people are “too busy” or “too poor” or “don’t know what to do” to prepare for a possible dramatic and dangerous future event.  However, there are many resources out there to help you.  This article goes into many reasons people give for not being prepared.  Maybe you are one of those that have a list of excuses, too.  Read the list of excuses, see if you are just like the rest.  Better yet, get prepared yourself!

The list includes things like:  Sheer Stupidity, Denial, Fear, Peer Pressure, Procrastination, Normalcy Bias, Sense of Superiority, Life is Overwhelming…  check them out!

Source: The Proper Prepper Prepares Ahead – The Modern Prepper

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