High Sierra Nevada Lake Sunset

I have often stated that one of my favorite photography locations is Utah, with all of its red rocks, canyons, and National Parks.  Probably my second favorite is the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in Eastern California.

A favorite campground is in Lee Vining, near Mono Lake.  From here, you have access to Lundy Canyon, Mono Lake, Bodie Ghost Town, Abandoned homes along Route 395, the Mono Craters, Yosemite National Park, and many lakes and streams coming out of valleys into the mountains.  There are even hot springs.

This scene is just one of many small lakes in the vicinity of Lee Vining.  I don’t even remember which one.  However, the deep sunset with foreground lake, rocks, and driftwood is a memorable vision of serenity.

The air is clean and bracing, as temperatures fall quickly at sunset.  Lee Vining is a great vacation spot for a photographer!

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