The Grand Jury Problem in Politics

I don’t kow about you, but I really did not know how a grand jury functioned.  This article, by one of my favorite British writers Melanie Phillips, gives a great insight into this legal institution.

The problem, as she points out, is that it can be easily manipulated by a prosecutor who has goal other than justice. This can be in the case of a prosecutor that is trying to “make a name for himself” by taking down someone that will make his resume look good, or by a prosecutor who is a strong advocate of a particular political agenda, looking for a political adversary to take down.

Unfortunately, we have this situation with Mueller.  He is breaking the law simply by running an investigation where there are multiple conflicts of interest on his own part.  The law is quite clear:  he is not legally allowed under ANY circumstances to do this.

However, the so-called Deep State, aka Democrat Party has so much power in DC and in the media that the unethical nature of Meuller’s position is not mentioned or discussed.

This is a dangerous and unjust situation.  One hopes it will be corrected before even more damage to what is left of our Constitution takes place.

You can read her article here:  Verdict First, Evidence to Follow?

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