Boomers on the run…

A Boomer.  That’s me.  I am 70 years old, and I am required to have Medicare.  It is a “single payer” socialized medicine system for retirees.  It has worked fairly well (I guess), although it is getting significantly more expensive and available care is getting scarce.  Why?

Here is a quote from the article (link below):  “Seniors bore the brunt under the Affordable Care Act. It robbed over $700 billion from Medicare over a decade to fund entitlements for younger people. Cuts to Medicare paid for half of Obamacare’s coverage expansion. Obamacare also set up the Independent Payment Advisory Board, an unelected panel with rationing powers alarmingly similar to Britain’s NHS.”

So, there is at least one of the reasons.  Betsy McCaughey – the article’s author – goes into some detail about what the congressional democrats would like to do: expand this downward to cover more and more of the population.  It’s the proverbial “back door” and I suspect the RINO’s in charge of the RNC will go along (they always do).  Betsy explains why this is a serious mistake, using the recent example of the baby disaster in the UK as an example.

Will the Republicans grow backbones?  Are you kidding?

Read the article here:  Single-Payer Will Cut Boomers’ Lives Short

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